The Futures

Unlimited edits & revisions per month |  Live Online Portal |  Next day delivery service |  14-Day satisfaction guarantee |  Great Price |  Great for offline advertisement | Not high marketing skills |  1 active project at a time | No Animation.

No BS. No Hype. Just Good Design.

The Futures…

We really like this name they say a lot in two words. 

Those guys know that the Unlimited Services thing, it really is the FUTURE. 

So the name is so simple, but yet it’s a classic bullseye! 

The Futures have a long list of things they can do, in their portfolio, it looks like they only actually do part of the services they have listed – but it’s still looking good – so we checked it ourselves. 


The Futures have 1 plan which makes life easier. 

Unlimited everything for only $365 per month. 

Our tip in their case is to check them for a couple of months, if you are happy and it fits your needs, do yourself and your business a favor and take the yearly plan. 

It’s only $3504 for the entire year – for unlimited design requests – I paid myself this amount for a designer for one month – this thing really is the future. 

Who is The Futures for?

We found out that The Futures will be most relevant for:

  • Small Businesses.
  • A local business with a store /office and social presence.
  • Magazines – online & offline.

Bottom Line

The Futures is a company with good work experience with offline and online magazines.

Those guys are super nice, you can totally feel the young and happy environment from them – we love this vibes.

Although they state that they do one job at a time and you will get the work done at midnight the next day – they work very fast – we loved that.

Just a Fun Tip For You

Basically, they can do everything you need regarding designs.

If you have the option, take the yearly plan – the fees of that are like a monthly salary of a full-time graphic designer.

$99 Social

Flat Rate & Every Day Posting | 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee | One post – Two Platforms | Saves posting time |  Not great design skills | No video editing | Instagram is an add-on | No work cases on site. 

We take social media off your daily "to-do" list so you can focus on doing what you do best - grow your business.

One of the things I believe in is that – if you can buy back your time do it!

$99 Social actually allows you to buy yourself or your business some time back.

In other words, they will take off from you / your team the job of daily posting.

Nowadays, we all know, and hopefully agree, that social media have a huge part in a successful business. It’s critical and crucial to show the presence in the relevant platforms to your audience.

99 Dollars Social figured that out almost 5 years ago and created their services which managed to build up a pretty good reputation.


$99 Social has two monthly plans:

The Daily Plan– $99 per month.

The Unique Plan – $198 per month.

*you can add add-ons to the services (more posting, Instagram posting, etc.)

Those prices are actually good, too good to be true.

So as we know the best we dig in, went over all the FAQ twice, and all the terms and conditions – and even then we still had some questions, so we checked directly with the $99 Social team.

And after we finished we can safely say, that this service is amazingly worth it and good.

But there are some “Buts”.

Who is $99 Social for?

After going over all the “small letters” of $99 Social we figured that these services will fit good some business but not everyone:


  • Businesses that focus on Facebook
  • Affiliate Marketers for some niches
  • Digital product owners
  • Textual social accounts
  • Speakers
  • Media & Marketing Agencies
  • Twitter users


  • Content Creators
  • Influencers
  • Speakers
  • Not for Instagram growth.

Bottom Line

They do amazing work on a few social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

From what we found out Instagram is an add-on service that can cost you up to an extra $99.

But if you are active on Instagram and you are one of the businesses we mentioned above you should definitely use $99 Social.

After all, they are one of the most reputable companies in this industry. Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and more magazines.

Just a Fun Tip For You

The thing we loved about them, is that if you are from UK, Australia, Canada or the US they have team members that well familiar with the difference between the spelling and words – so that can make a huge difference in your business trust and reputation. Very important!


Low Monthly Fees | Wide Pricing Options | Easy to use interface | Free Trial | Hundred of templates | No content writing | You need your own designs, ideas limited options in the basic plans. 

Visme has few plans on the table.

First, they offer a FREE Plan.

It’s basically a free trial with few projects you can set anyway it’s FREE.

What is also amazing is that they have created a pricing plan that actually shows they care about their audience.

For individuals, businesses, and Students.

So check the full pricing list with all the features & and choosing the right plan for you – HERE!

Who is Visme for?

After we checked and tried Visme by ourselves we found that Visme will be most relevant for:

  • Designers
  • Startup businesses
  • Marketers
  • Lecturers
  • Teachers
  • Students
Bottom Line

Visme really did an amazing work with their platform.

If you need the option for unlimited infographic, presentations and even banner designs you can definitely go for the 

Complete plan which has that for only $25 per month. 

Crazy Right?!

Just a Fun Tip for You

As I mentioned above, Visme really takes the time to help their customers.

I found their education area super helpful, that is the reason I am suggesting you before you go ahead, to check this out.

Just do yourself a favor and go here to these amazing live webinars they have, every question you had about it, they have an answer.