KIMP.IO Best in Graphic Design


Amazing designs | Fast Delivering and Responding | Very convenient price | No need for a full time designer | Unlimited Requests per month! | 7 Days Free Trial | Responsive and dedicated team | The free trial requires CC info | Averagely 2-3 designs per day | No Motion Graphics or 3D Rendering | No Website Or App Design | No UI/UX Design.


Unlimited Graphic Design. One Flat Monthly Fee. Go Bananas. is an outstanding service.

We generally reviewed any aspect of their services and it’s just a mind-blowing revolution.

Kimp offers a wide range of unlimited designs; from creating you a beautiful design to make you your campaign banners on social media…and honestly much more.

It’s like a Genie the only difference is that here it’s a Monkey and you literally can ask an unlimited amount of beautiful, sexy and effective creatives.


When we first saw the price, we thought it’s some kind of joke –  we looked for the small letters, and we checked every inch of their Terms of services like we always do. 

And there is no other way to say it – The Price is ONLY $389 per month for UNLIMITED DESIGNS! 

The good thing is that those guys are a team of design experts some of them have a full understanding of the online marketing world which helps a lot if you need creatives for your banners or eCommerce website. 

They don’t outsource the services – it means that they truly have a dedicated team of designers and project managers to take care of you. 

Who is Kimp for?

We found out that Kimp will be most relevant for:

  • Small-Large Marketing Agencies.
  • eCommerce owners in every niche.
  • Travel agencies.
  • Beauty brands.
  • Startups with a budget.
  • Affiliate marketers Amazon / eBay store owners.

Bottom Line

This company is GOLD. If you have the budget and the ability to pay that ridiculously low amount DO IT. 

It’s worth it because you can instantly bring more value to your clients (they gave you full credits to do whatever you want with the designs), increase your CTR or on-site conversion rate by having an amazing “Scroll Stoppers” and just have a better creative for any purposes even offline. 

Just a Fun Tip For You

If we were you – we will use their services to create original designs for T-shirts and sell this thing like a Coke on a hot day!

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